Cat.: HFDIG005
Typology: E.P.
Type: Digital
Artist: Thunder & Teknical Ovioid
Title: 15072 E.P.



01. Thunder & Teknical Ovioid - 5025 (5:10)
02. Thunder & Teknical Ovioid - 5024 (5:51)
03. Thunder & Teknical Ovioid - 5023 (4:58)

From M2O Radio DJ Thunder and Teknical Ovioid!
PARTY HARDSTYLE ANTHEM! The Italian Hardforum crew ramp it up another notch with this reverse bassline beast. Packed with buckets of pure rave energy and old skool hardcore riffs from the early Nineties makes this a banger. Lovers of Swankie and Kashie and Cally & Juice vibes will be all over this. Rave O'clock!